I Finished Applying for MFAs: Now What?

This Zoom panel is geared toward those writers who have finished the MFA application process and are looking for advice on their upcoming decision. Topics include navigating acceptances, rejections, and the waitlist, as well as discussions of what makes a school a good fit. I participate on this panel with other writers who have attended MFA programs at Brooklyn College, UMass Amherst, University of Arizona, University of Colorado-Boulder, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and UNC Wilmington.

Teaching the Writing Workshop: A Zine

Below, I've included a template for a zine I've designed to assist students entering their first creative writing workshop. Workshop is an invaluable part of a creative writing education, but it can also be an emotionally charged setting, with rules and expectations that can be a lot to handle for both students and the instructor leading them. This zine helps students prepare for the first workshop to make it a respectful and productive experience. Creating zines is a fairly easy process, which students can do in class. One of my favorite sites for information regarding how to makes zines can be found here. The best paper size for this zine is 8.5" x 14".